Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Gifts

This year we gave one gift to our boys. One that we can all use. A PS2. It entitled us to a hug.

Santa on the other hand gave the boys about ten things each and then several things together. Although it is not the right time of year, the boys got super soakers. They also got two Dance Mats and a dance game. This was really more of a family gift that has been wonderful since.

I think that the best gift I have given this year is happiness. My husbands parents go to Auction all the time. One auction about two months ago they purchased a "box lot" with several items, including a baby book, a scrap book, and two year books that belonged to a lady, I began obsessed in finding her so I could return it.

That proved harder than I had planned. I asked my sister-in-law to help out because I thought that she would have had better luck. My father in law put the year books up for auction on eBay, but also added in his description, if any one knew her, please let us know, so we can send it to her.

That was yesterday.

Today we called her, left a message, and today she called back. Her items we misplaced due to a very bad break up of her marriage, and she was very pleased to know we would be sending her things back to her.

I know there are many people out there that think there are so many bad things about the internet, but I feel so blessed that the internet has been able to help so many people.