Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Paying it Forward

This post will be about passing on your unwanted items. Why?

Well why fill up a landfill with unstained still useful clothes? Why throw away anything that someone can really use.

I'm fond of a free program called Freecycle. You can find a Freecycle Group in your area. Each area may have different rules and regulations. For example, in my area you cannot post an animal for free. Become acquainted with your areas requirements, because there are reasoning's for these rules.

I've heard of great results using another free program called Craigslist, although I have never used it.

By way of BabyCheapskate I found a small fee program called Freepeats. This is another I have not used, but it is filling up quickly.

In addition to your passing on something that someone may need, you can also look for something that you may need.

I passed on to a new young mother all of my baby things from my last pregnancy. She was more than happy to accept my 0-3 months clothes, a swing, and many other items.

Every little bit helps.


~Billie~ said...

I LOVE Freecycle! So much than when the local owner moved, I volunteered to take over the group for her. :)