Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Help for Homeschooling?

I've been talking to JoAnn, at Shiny Distractions, a little bit about home schooling. She also has another blog at Homeschool Distractions. Her latest post has helped out in so many ways.

I've learned quite a bit from looking at some other sites as well. Homeschool Help Web , and Home School Legal Defense Association I've learned about what lap books are. I've learned about different curriculums and way to make it fun for my children. I'm just curious what's everybody else's opinion on home schooling.

Do you think home schooling stops of children from socializing with other children? Do you think they're missing out on specific skills? Do you find it difficult to go on field trips that are both fun and learning experiences? What are some field trips that you can do that actually are a learning experience?

How can I make Pokemon of good curriculum to teach many of the things my child needs to learn such as Mathematics, Social Studies, History, and Reading?

One of the key things that I need to do with my son before we can start homeschooling is work on our communication. Is there a curriculum or some ways that I can do that to start off in the right direction that you can think of?

I think I have some things going already.