Monday, March 10, 2008

Finding Your Family History and Genealogy

I believe that family is one of the most important and fleeting resources in life. You can find out how to cook from your Mom, or learn how to fish from your Dad, but there is even more that you may not have though to ask.

Jacque has her own place in space and it's just lovely. I've found so much information there. She posted quite a while ago about learning family history.

"Here is a fun way to learn a few things about your family, allowing your child/ren to learn some family history/heritage and also some reporting skills.

Have your child pick some or all of the following questions and 'interview' a family member or two - or three. It may open up lines of communication and give a sense of understanding between the interviewer and the interviewee."
You can find out her ideas on what question to ask here and even more about her homeschool here.

Genwriters has some resources for you and your child/ren to use and help in the writing of their history. They explain how:
"It may be hard for a child to envision a grandparent as a child, but stories about life "way back when" help a child to connect to the family."
Michigan's Histories, Arts and Libraries article on Children's Genealogical Research has some great ideas to get started as well.

Above all remember to have fun with it.